At OOI, people remain one of our most valuable assets. We are committed to the engagement and development of people with a passion and commitment to providing selfless service. Whilst working with OOI, you are assured of practical experiences that will continue to aid your personal development, both on a personal and professional level. October Orange Initiative is looking for people whose experience and interests cuts across a broad range of disciplines and possess a great deal of enthusiasm, creativity and deep sense of commitment. Prospective candidates will be selected based on their experience and depth of knowledge and expertise. Thus, these candidates must have experience or be ready to work with multicultural and multi-discipline teams. The candidates who meet the above qualifications and possess self-discipline, quick learning ability and strong desire to grow within the nonprofit context can register their interest by responding to any of the vacancies, by clicking on the “Open Vacancies” button below. Otherwise, you can send your curriculum vitae to

Open Vacancies