Who We Are

Our Outlook

October Orange Initiative is a non-profit organisation with the aim of pursuing innovative and transformative ideas in its core focus areas of Education, Arts, Health and Charitable Trusts. Under each of these core focus areas, we have identified various initiatives which underscore the basis of projects we undertake. In executing our projects, we aim to do so in a manner that brings about direct and measurable returns to all stakeholders. This is with a long term view in mind that guarantees successful outcomes and sustainability of the projects. Whilst we continue to pursue our own homegrown projects, the October Orange Initiative seeks to evolve deep rooted partnerships we believe will significantly contribute to changing the world we live in for the better.

Our Mission

We use the art of giving to make our world better.

Our Vision

To implement initiatives that keeps us actively involved in causes that uplift the lives of everyday people.

Our Values

Our dream of making significant contributions to our focus areas presents us with daunting challenges. What makes us relentless in our quest to achieve our goals is Courage. We are daring in our thoughts and even bolder in our approach to executing our initiatives in view of the greater good. Courage for us is continually engaging the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our passion to go beyond the conventional.

We strive to attain the highest levels of Integrity in everything that we do. Our character, at the level of an individual and as an organisation, is defined by accountability, fairness and grounded principles.

We take Responsibility for all that we do and their implications on the enviroment around us. As what we seek to do is continually support positive change. Responsibility is at the forefront of who we are as individuals and as an organisation.

Excellence is at the core of what we do, how we do things and the results we return to our stakeholders. Our focus on excellence helps us ensure that all we do goes through a process leading towards building a lasting institution. We would always strive for excellence.

Our Team